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How can I reduce the fsolve error?

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farzad on 8 Jun 2019
Closed: Jan on 28 Jun 2019
Hi All
I'm solving a set of 9 second order equations with fsolve. It seems that it has a constant error on one of the variables even from the initial condition of the equations but then solving by variating the constants of the equations, the solution summary indicates a perfect solution with 1e-13 tolerance.
What can I do to resolve the initial error?


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farzad on 8 Jun 2019
Sorry I can't share the code
Matt J
Matt J on 8 Jun 2019
Well, your post is really unclear. We can't tell what you mean without some sort of illustration. Maybe provide an alternative to your problem that produces the same issue?
dpb on 8 Jun 2019
Well, it's futile to expect anybody to answer such a detailed question that is entirely dependent upon the specifics of the function, its inputs and, quite possibly, the details of how the function is implemented. The crystal ball is often able to help, but this is far beyond even its power.
Only two questions
  1. If you substitute the final solution into the function as initial condition does the symptom reappear, and
  2. If you substitute the final solution into the function standalone, do you get zero (to near machine precision) as the result?
Altho from a practical standpoint, if it finds the solution, what difference does it make?

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