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xlsread doesn't read a column that contains string in the cells with unknown number of rows

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Hi all
I am trying to read from an xlsx Excel file some rows in clumn 1 that are strings.
xlsread alone does not function
how to read all and put into a list ?


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farzad on 20 Jun 2019
Well not a specific purpose I thought there's always a conversion possibility like other languages like python
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 20 Jun 2019
A conversion to what? What are you looking to do with it? all(1) is a cell class element, but all{1} is a string class, which can be used as an input for other commands, such as a file reading function.

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Dimitar Georgiev
Dimitar Georgiev on 20 Jun 2019
You can use readcell, for example,
example = readcell('example.xlsx','Range','A2:P5');
Now you can extract strings from the cell array.
I would recommend you to read:


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