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xlsread doesn't read a column that contains string in the cells with unknown number of rows

Asked by farzad on 20 Jun 2019
Latest activity Answered by Dimitar Georgiev on 20 Jun 2019
Hi all
I am trying to read from an xlsx Excel file some rows in clumn 1 that are strings.
xlsread alone does not function
how to read all and put into a list ?


Well not a specific purpose I thought there's always a conversion possibility like other languages like python
A conversion to what? What are you looking to do with it? all(1) is a cell class element, but all{1} is a string class, which can be used as an input for other commands, such as a file reading function.
Conversion between classes But I think I'm convinced
Thank you so much

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1 Answer

Answer by Dimitar Georgiev on 20 Jun 2019

You can use readcell, for example,
example = readcell('example.xlsx','Range','A2:P5');
Now you can extract strings from the cell array.
I would recommend you to read:


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