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Can't open and write an Excel file that should be created by MATLAB

Asked by farzad on 10 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by dpb
on 11 Jul 2019
I have to write some large amount of data using xlswrite and since they are multiple files, they are written one by one . meaning that there is one xlswrite command for each matrix to be written.
after writing the first Excel file I get this error and matlab exists :
Warning: File not found or permission denied
> In xlswrite (line 223)
Warning: found error in 126976th line
Error: Excel Worksheet could not be activated.


That looks like perhaps multiple instances are being created at once what with the "126976th file"
We need to see the full error message in context with the code that called it to have any clue what might be occurring here...
sorry, the message has a problem, since I have created it through a request, it is 126976th line not file
I don't understand what that means, specifically. As requested, we need the full content of the error message and the code that generated it in context.
If you mean you have written a piece of code that duplicates xlswrite command 126,976 times plus, "Houston, we have a problem!" If that is the case you definitely need to look at how to write a generic loop construct instead.

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