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bar plot cannot spread x axis homogeneously

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imp_2d_E=[0 -1;0 0;0 3;0 0;0 0;0 0;0 0;2 3;0 0;1 0;0 0;0 1;0 0;0 0;1 0;0 0;1 1;0 0;2 2;0 0];
xtl = {'ALIC','AMC4','BOGT','BSHM','CPVG','DAV1','KZN2','LPGS','MADR','MCM4','MIZU','NAUR','NKLG','PALM','PIMO','SAMO','SUTH','TRO1','URUM','YEL2'};
xtnew = linspace(1, numel(xtl), numel(xtl));
set(gca, 'XTick',xtnew, 'XTickLabel',xtl, 'XTickLabelRotation',90);
title('2D improvement (cut-off:5)','FontWeight','bold','FontSize',22);
xlabel('STATIONS', 'FontWeight', 'bold','FontSize',20);
ylabel('millimeter ', 'FontWeight','bold','FontSize',20)
ylim([-2 4])
When executing the above codes, x axis cannot be homogeneously spreaded and unreasonable space from the right side has remained. How can I correct this limitation?
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 Jul 2019
The code you shared doesn't reproduce the problem when I run it (r2019a). The image below is the result of your code and I added the "grid on" command. Are you sure you're not setting the xlim() somewhere?

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 15 Jul 2019
Either add a xlim call, or define both axes limits at the same time, and replace your ylim call with an axis call:
axis([0 20 -2 4])

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