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How to convert timeseries to array

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Joris van Dort
Joris van Dort on 30 Jul 2019
Commented: Joris van Dort on 7 Aug 2019
I am working with SimEvents and want to store the Data of each entity in an array.
Working with "To Workspace" will give me the timesseries, but I want the data in an array.
Changing the setting in "To Workspace" does not work, because it 'Cannot propagate bus signal because this input port requires a non-bus signal.'
Is there an easy way of converting the Data of timeseries to an array?


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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 2 Aug 2019
Changing the setting “save format” in the To Workspace block to Array should work. Another work around would be to use the output block and log the data. You can also use the scope block to log the data.

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Joris van Dort
Joris van Dort on 7 Aug 2019
Thank you for the answer! But I have some remarks:
In SimEvents it is not possible to output entitys by output block, or is it?
If I try to change the save format in the Workspace Block following error occurs:
I now change some things and get the information I want though a normal output port, but it would still be helpful to be able to convert timeseries to array or tables. Is this possible in general?

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