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How to use find-peaks function and keep the FRF of the signal the same

Asked by farzad on 8 Aug 2019
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on 8 Aug 2019
I want to reduce the number of samples from a signal by filterting the small amplitude peaks, but I don't want the FRF of the signal be changed so much. how do I control that ??


Well, if you remove/diminish frequency components, what else can happen???
I know, but imagine that I want to remove very small peaks , independent from their frequency.
please look at this post to see how the peaks are connected, so the small ones are ignored :
I want to have a numerical measure to verify the frf is not changed a lot
I think findpeaks can do what that example did but what makes you think the FRF of that example isn't markedly different from the input? I'd venture the two bear little resemblance to each other. Of course, still have no definition of what this FRF really is other than an acronym...
Post some real data with what you think you would want to do to it...

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