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Peak-notch filter+Chirp not works as expected in time domain.

Asked by Tamura Kentai on 30 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Tamura Kentai on 30 Aug 2019
Hi, :
One thing strange is that I found in the file which I used a 'Chirp signal source with linearily varying frequency' + 'a notch filter' doesn't output the attenuated result at the central frequency of w0 = 50Hz, when I plot it on the time domain scope.
Did I make something wrong ? I checked the frequency response of the notch filter, but in time domain it's not, Iam confused.
Thank you for any help.
Best regards.

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Hi, :
I have added a new 'bandstop' filter to see what's the differences, but it seems the 'bandstop' filter also strange, the output time response doesn't act like frequency response.
I have updated the attached file.
If you could kindly take a look at it, and try it.
I appreciate your suggestions.
Best regards.

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