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ILoveMATLAB on 3 Sep 2019
Edited: ILoveMATLAB on 4 May 2022
I deployed .net assembly to my end user using the MATLAB Compiler SDK (Library Compiler) 2019a. Every time my end user runs the assembly the MATLAB icon is displayed in the dialog boxes’ title bar. The end user would like a more unified UI. Also, It currently looks like I'm advertising for Mathworks. How can I change the default icon in the deployed .NET assembly?
ILoveMATLAB on 4 May 2022
Edited: ILoveMATLAB on 4 May 2022
My organization blocks a lot of third party software so option 1 is out of the question.
Can you please explain the second option a little more? MATLAB only allow me change the installer icon at compile time. I want to change the icons of the dialog boxes.
Lawrence Jacob

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