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HOW TO get answer in 6 decimal places .

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Hi. I have for example U=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
i want to divide each no by 10000. I need the answer in decimal and then find the maximum value of X.Round,ceil,fix does not give me the desired result.
U=unique(point2(:,2));%some values of U


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David Hill
David Hill on 21 Sep 2019
look at sprintf to provide whatever format you want
David Hill
David Hill on 21 Sep 2019
But a will be a charactor array

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David Hill
David Hill on 21 Sep 2019
format long

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Boddu Meghanadh
Boddu Meghanadh on 9 Mar 2020
can u write that briefly following syntax....with a simple example?

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