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How to select specific no of terms from a sequence

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sadiqa ilyas
sadiqa ilyas on 21 Sep 2019
Commented: sadiqa ilyas on 22 Sep 2019
Hi, I have around 1700 values and i want matlab to get input and then select 256 values after the given input. I dont know how to do this
input('enter b_i');% suppose b_i=U(89) then i want next 256 values except inf. inf can come in the sequence


the cyclist
the cyclist on 21 Sep 2019
What you are asking for is unclear to me.
Is b_i going to be the index of the element (i.e. does b_i==5 mean start at the 5th element of U)? Or is b_i the value of the element (i.e. you need to find the value 5 inside of U, and start from there)?
And then, you need to find the next 256 non-infinite elements -- but also include any values of infinity that are interspersed along with them? Is that right?
sadiqa ilyas
sadiqa ilyas on 22 Sep 2019
I have seventeen hundred number e.g stored in U.i.e
b_i is the input and it should be from U
e.g i enter b_i=U(3) which is 8
then i need next 256 values starting from 8 and if inf comes in the sequence then ignore infinity and pick the next value

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