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How to use scroll bar to view number of axes in the given figure window.

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Hello everyone!
Can somebody will tell me how I can adjust nearly 16 axes in one figure window and can see by using scroll bar(or slider)?

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 20 Sep 2012
Here is an example.
function [S] = scroll_plot()
% Scroll through 8 plots.
S.fh = figure('units','pixels',...
'position',[500 500 200 260],...
'resize','off'); = uicontrol('style','slide',...
'position',[180 10 20 240],...
'sliderstep',[1/7 1/7],...
S.V = 1; % The value of the slider.
x = 0:.01:1; % Make plots.
for ii = 0:7 = axes('units','pix','pos',[20 30+(260*ii) 150 220]);
function [] = sl_call(varargin)
% Callback for slider.
S = varargin{3}; % Get the structure.
V = get(,'value');
for ii = 0:7
P = get(,'pos');
set(,'pos',P-[0 260*(sign(V - S.V)) 0 0])
S.V = V;
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Shivaputra Narke
Shivaputra Narke on 23 Sep 2012
Thanks Matt,but my question is different. My first doubt is how we
can add more axes in one figure window and when user scroll down
then he should see the graph on the next axes.. whether is it
possible in matlab GUI????

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