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MATLAB crashing from remote desktop

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Rahul Gulia
Rahul Gulia on 7 Nov 2019
Answered: Guillem Pratx on 26 Mar 2020
I am trying to use MATLAB from a remote desktop connection. And it is crashing every time.
I even reinstalled the whole program, but it is still crashing.
Can you please suggest me some solution for this.
I am getting the following error:
"load library failed with error 126. the specified module could not be found."
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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti on 15 Nov 2019
Could you provide detailed error message.

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Rahul Gulia
Rahul Gulia on 15 Nov 2019
I updated my display drivers. And now i am able to use MATLAB in remote desktop connection. Well that worked for me.

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Guillem Pratx
Guillem Pratx on 26 Mar 2020
I had the same issue with MATLAB either crashing on start with the "error 126" message, or crashing when plotting anything on the screen, when running through Remote Desktop.
After many different trials, I figured out how to solve the issue:
  1. Remote login to the host
  2. Log yourself out fully (start button, click on user icon, "sign out")
  3. Remote login to host again
  4. Lauch MATLAB
What I understand is that if the current session was started locally, you need to fully sign out, then log back in again remotely, in order for the graphics settings to be properly configured.

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