Plot Border of Clusterred Data

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edward kabanyas
edward kabanyas on 18 Nov 2019
Commented: edward kabanyas on 21 Nov 2019
I want to cluster the data in the attached file to find at which location certain time (period) di dominant. Thus, I want to plot the border of clusterring data in my contour plot.
I find the interesting example in this mathworks example:
% border clustering
xy1 = [randn(50,1) randn(50,1)];
xy2 = [randn(50,1)+5 randn(50,1)];
xy3 = [randn(50,1) randn(50,1)+5];
[idx,c] = kmeans([xy1; xy2; xy3],3)
hold on
However, I don't know how to implement such code to my data. Some help is really appreciated.
edward kabanyas
edward kabanyas on 21 Nov 2019
>And again, I don't know what "di dominant" means?
Sorry, this is typo, I mean "is dominant"...if we use scatter3(), can we plot the border of the area coverred by z value range on spatial map?

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