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Converting from char to double

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Uerm on 7 Dec 2019
Commented: Uerm on 12 Dec 2019
I have a 1x48 cell where each cell is a Ax1 cell with characters such as (N, (V etc. When I convert to double, I get double('(N')) = [40,78].
How can I for (N and all other characters (they can have multiple letters such as (PVC ) convert it to double and this double value should be one value. What I mean with one value is instead of [40,78], it should end as 4078 for instance. I have attached the cell as a mat file (comments2.mat).

Accepted Answer

David Hill
David Hill on 7 Dec 2019
This should work for you.
A=[40 78];
A=str2num(A(A~=' '));
Uerm on 12 Dec 2019
Thanks a lot, David! It works.

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