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Controling the pendulum of overhead crane

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jueves jevesion
jueves jevesion on 2 Oct 2012
Answered: Ovee Matlab on 25 Aug 2017
Hello guys
I built an mathematical model of an gantry crane,(i used S-function). The task is to move the cart as fast as possible with minimal oscilation of the pendulum that is attached to the trolley of the crane. There should be only one PID controller that controls the position of the payload/pendulum and also reduces the oscilation. I was thinking about this. Try to imagine the block diagram :)
The reference (set value) value is the position of the pendulum [m]--->output of the PID and input to the system is [V].---> Output of the system is the angle of the pendulum. Sensor in the feedback is recalculating the angle to the position of the pendulum -----> and back to the set value ....
Does anybody has any knowledge with this?? any documentation (i found a lot but it was about controling the position of the cart)??
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John Petersen
John Petersen on 3 Dec 2012
You're asking about moving a cart with a pendulum on it and found lots of documentation, but it was about controlling the position of the cart. I think you have the answers in the documentation.

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Ovee Matlab
Ovee Matlab on 25 Aug 2017
You can try the same through pole placement or through LQR. Here the matlab code. I am trying the same we can discuss our progress

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