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How to use the same input from a different function?

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coolcoolcoolcoolcool on 22 Dec 2019
Say that i have two different function both in two different pushbutton, A and B. In A, I will get 2 images as input. Later in B, i want to use the same 2 images I chose in A. Can i use set&get ? If yes, how to do the statement?
Thank you.


Pratik Patil
Pratik Patil on 23 Dec 2019
There are two ways to achieve this.
  1. You can create a global veriable and assign image data or image file path to that variable. Follow this page.
  2. You can write a singleton class and write get and set methods to access image data values of image file path. Follow this page.
coolcoolcoolcoolcool on 24 Dec 2019
I tried the global variable and it works ! I put global variable to every fxn that requires to call back the input :) Thank you Mr Pratik and Image Analyst !

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