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How can i resolve the error in motor block used in mobile robotics training library?

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Kavitha S
Kavitha S on 22 Mar 2020
Commented: TEJAS PHUTANE on 9 May 2020
I am using MATLAB 2019b version. I have downloaded the mobile robotics training library box.
In that i am using motor block developed in VEX platform. While loading wheelMotorModel.mat it displays the following error message
In command window " Warning: Variable 'wheelMotorModel' originally saved as a idss cannot be instantiated as an object and will be read in
as a uint32.
In diagnostic viewer,
Error in 'lineFollow_PID_soln/Left Motor/Motor': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated.
Caused by:
  • The "LTI system variable" parameter of the LTI block must be set to a valid LTI model.


TEJAS PHUTANE on 9 May 2020
I want to obtain motor parameters for other motors and use it in mobile robotics,in video lectures part2 they mentioned "please refer to the resourses section to obtain a good motor model for specific motor". I can't find the link for resourses section.

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Accepted Answer

Kavitha S
Kavitha S on 24 Mar 2020
Hi @Utkarsh Jain and guys,
The problem was resolved. In my case ,It needs the System Identification Toolbox for state space models (idss). After downloading it program can run.
Thank you.


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