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How to add a dot above y in legend

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Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran on 11 May 2020
Commented: Kevin Tran on 11 May 2020
I want to write the first and second derivative with the legend command like this y' y''
This is what I tried:
legend ('y'(0)', 'y''(0)')
but the ' and '' after y interferes with the command.
I tried to search around for answers but found nothing I understood so this is my last resort!
And thanks in advance for the help.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 May 2020
legend({'$\dot{y}(0)$', '$\ddot{y}(0)$'}, 'Interpreter', 'latex')
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Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran on 11 May 2020
Thank you so much, this really saved me so much time and helped me alot!

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