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Sean St Cyr
Sean St Cyr on 28 Jun 2020
Commented: Sean St Cyr on 29 Jun 2020
Power=CurData(1,:).*CurData(choice+1,:)*10^-3;%multiplying by 10^-3 to covert mA into A
fprintf('Voltage Choices:\n')%showing the choices
Volt = menu('Select a Voltage', num2cell(CurData(1, :)));
Voltage = CurData(1, Volt);
Current = CurData(choice+1, Volt);
Component = Name(choice);
fprintf('Component %s\n', string(Component));
fprintf(' \tVoltage = %d V \n', Voltage);
fprintf('\tCurrent = %.3f A\n',CurData(choice+1, Volt)*10^-3); %Converts mA to A
fprintf('\tPower = %.3f W\n',Power(Volt)); %Gives the first power answer instead of the string
I am trying to convert my coding from 'menu' to a 'listdlg' code, and I am trying to do it to my "Volt" string, I have a set of data that are numbers and trying to allow a dialouge box to pop up and have a person select it using listdlg.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 28 Jun 2020
You can find examples in the documentation. You probably want something like this.
Volt = listdlg('ListString',string(CurData(1, :)),'Name','Select a Voltage');
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Sean St Cyr
Sean St Cyr on 29 Jun 2020
Thank you so much that helped a ton

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