save matrix in loop to 3D matrix (storage all inkomming matrix)

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I read multiple .mat-files with matrix M x-y-axis (5x2doubles) and have to save it. I think, the better way is to create a 3D-matrix - z-axis. Later, i have to make mean and std trow all z-axis elements. How can i do it?
Please think about - i get a matrix M in the loop, by load(MAT_File)
Thank you in advise!

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 3 Jul 2020
M = cell(n, 1); % n - number of files
for k = 1:n
M{k} = load(filenames{k}); % assuming you saved filenames in a cell array
M = cat(3, M{:});
MEAN = mean(M, 3)

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