Curve fitting toolbox define max error

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V on 5 Jul 2020
Commented: dpb on 5 Jul 2020
I am using curve fitting toolbox for Z=F(x,y)
I am getting results in this below form. Where I can do the setting where I can define max allowed error 0.09 .i.e max I put x & y backin generated equation max devaition I should get from Z is +-0.09 only. This is max/min error in "Z" where I can define that.
Goodness of fit:
SSE: 1.08e+07
R-square: 0.994
Adjusted R-square: 0.994
RMSE: 16.8
dpb on 5 Jul 2020
As John, says, "No".
It isn't a necessarily fulfillable condition for a specific model (order of polynomial, say).
You could try successive orders of a polynomial until met the condition altho would be easily prone to overfitting that way.

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