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waitbar bar inside two for loops

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Hi, I have the folowing code (it's just a example)
maxI = 2;
maxJ = 3;
cont = 1/(maxI*maxJ)
for i = 1:maxI
for j = 1 : max
waitbar(cont,sprintf('Calculating i = %d, j = %d',i,j))
cont = cont + 1/(maxI*maxJ)
pause(rand/10) % here is the code
If I execute this, every waitbar appears in a new figure, and I want it to just be a figure and automatically update, does someone know?

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 10 Aug 2020
Alajendro - rather than creating a new waitbar on each iteration of the inner loop, just create it once and then re-use it. For example,
maxI = 2;
maxJ = 3;
cont = 1/(maxI*maxJ);
hWaitbar = waitbar(0,sprintf('Calculating i = %d, j = %d',0,0)); % create the waitbar
for i = 1:maxI
for j = 1 : maxJ
waitbar(cont, hWaitbar, sprintf('Calculating i = %d, j = %d',i,j)) % update the waitbar
cont = cont + 1/(maxI*maxJ);
pause(rand/10); % here is the code
We use the bWaitbar handle to update the waitbar with the new progress and new message.
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Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Fernández on 10 Aug 2020
Thank you so much! It works perfectly

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