extract data from cell array based on matching numbers with location in array

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DavidL88 on 24 Aug 2020
Edited: Stephen on 24 Aug 2020
Hi I have a cell array MyData which has 128x1 cells with data running sequentially from A1 to A32 and again for B1-B32, C1-C32 and D1-D32. Can anyone advise how I extract data from this array based on whether the location in this array matches that of a number? For example, if I have A how do I get the desired output B?
MyData = [sprintfc('A%i',1:32) sprintfc('B%i',1:32) sprintfc('C%i',1:32) sprintfc('D%i',1:32)]'
A = [1 34 68 92 118]'
B =[A1 B2 C4 C28 D22]

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