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Rainfall intensity for storm events separated by 24hr

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Joshua Murray
Joshua Murray on 6 Oct 2020 at 13:12
Hi, I have a scenario which is somewhat related/similar to this post here:
I have some data (a small sample is attached) where the rainfall is recorded every 6 minutes (there may be gaps in the recordings).
I have a collection of specific dates where I want to find the rainfall intensity values for the storm event surrounding the specific date of interest.
The storm events are separated by 24hrs; ie, if no rain precipitation is recorded for more than 24hrs, then that is the start/end of the storm event.
The rainfall intensity in this case is defined as the average intensity in mm/hr over the total duration of a storm event.
As such, after selecting the desired date & time what would be the best way to:
1) identify the storm event surrounding the date (separated by 24hrs at the start and end of the storm event), then
2) calculate the average rainfall intensity in mm/hr for the storm event surrounding that date?
In the attached data sample there are three columns for the start time of the recording, end time, and precipitation in mm.


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