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How can I import data to simulink from the workspace

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Hi folks,
I am new to Simulink and was trying to build my first model.
First, I want to import data from the workspace, which is a 10000 X 1 matrix. The data is the velocity of the vehicle every second. After some computions I want to scope the results to corresponding time.
How can I import data from the workspace and then do the calculations with the corresponding time?

Accepted Answer

Sudhakar Shinde
Sudhakar Shinde on 13 Oct 2020
The data available in base workspace can access your simulink model during simulation.
If you would like to provide timeseries data as a input to your simulink model you can use:
  1. Signal builder to import data from file/workspace
  2. 'FromWorkspace' block will take data from workspace and use in simulink model
more detail about FromWorkspace:

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