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Axis tick labels changed upon export to EPS

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Hi all,
Duplicate post from the discussion forum here:
because I think it's a reasonable question!
I am using Matlab R2010b.
I have manually changed the axis tick labels for some of my plots and am experiencing some weird behaviour.
I have saved the figures (.fig) and the axis tick marks are correct. I can export to PNG or PDF with no problems. When I export to EPS however the axis tick marks have been altered and are completely incorrect.
Fig file is here if you want to play with it:
Any ideas? Surely a bug if it is specific to EPS export?!
Thanks for any suggestions,
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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 26 Apr 2011
The figure exports fine to EPS on my machine. Do you have Ghostscript and Ghostview installed?

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Accepted Answer

Gabriel Rosser
Gabriel Rosser on 27 Apr 2011
The problem with specifying your own axis tick labels is that the property (for the y-axis here) YTickLabelMode is set to manual but the property YTickMode remains at auto.
When exporting to EPS, for some very odd reason the figure must be slightly rescaled (which is not the case/the rescaling is different when choosing PDF or PNG). The tick positions are automatically reassigned, but the labels remain those specified manually. Result: unexpected and rubbish figures!
Setting the axis property YTickMode to manual fixes this.
Of course this is only a problem if the rescaling step causes the tick positions to change, so Oliver Woodford probably didn't observe this.
I still think this is buggy behaviour - why should one type of export cause figure resizing when another doesn't?
Thanks for your suggestions everybody!
Rotem Mairon
Rotem Mairon on 31 Jul 2021
This bug is still relevant ten years later. Thank you so much, @Gabriel Rosser, for sharing such a simple and elegant solution!

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 26 Apr 2011
I only use this for exporting figures.
Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford on 27 Apr 2011
Yes, I was using your figure. Anyway, glad you found a solution. If I can replicate the bug I may put a fix into export_fig.

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