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Meck on 5 Nov 2020
Commented: Rik on 7 Nov 2020
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Meck on 6 Nov 2020
Questions been altered due to the work being finished now. Glad to see you find dots more interesting than work itself though
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Nov 2020
Yeah, Meck, that's not looked kindly upon. You may be preventing others from answering you in the future. Some experts look up people's past posts and if they've been flagged, won't answer, especially if they got an answer that someone actually spent some time on.
Rik on 7 Nov 2020
Luckily Google keeps a cache (except for the attached images):
How would I go about inputting my current work into Matlab?
Hi there, so I am new to MATLAB and I am currently learning about its functions and uses at university. We have been given a worksheet to work through but have been given no information on the basics of MATLAB and how to input equations etc. With everything being online now, its not easy to learn from the way they teach vs hands on teaching in the classrooms. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. I have left my written answers below for the following questions but just dont know how to inout the equations in a way to where MATLAB would be able to answer them.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 5 Nov 2020
I suggest going through MATLAB Onramp.


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