How to format this Loop?

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Sean St Cyr
Sean St Cyr on 11 Nov 2020
Commented: Sean St Cyr on 11 Nov 2020
So the code below is reading in an excel file and the one excel sheet "Data" has sets of numbers that need to be together (hence why i have the interval in the for loop going by 2) so that every 2 rows is an x and y value, however im having a hard time formatting it for x and y because i cant hardcode it. The Data may be differnt in terms of rows. can anyone help?
Information = readtable("Cooling Data.xlsx",'Sheet',"Information"); %Reads in the Information
Data = readmatrix('Cooling Data.xlsx','Sheet',"Data"); %Reads in the Data
choice = questdlg('What type of plot do you want to create?','Plot','Summary','Detail','Detail'); %Makes the User select an option
if strcmp(choice,'Summary')
for d = 1:2:height(Data)
x = Data(d,:);
y = Data(d,:);
plot(x,y,'*') %Plot data
xlim([0 10]) %Sets x axis from 0-10
ylim([0 100]) %Sets y axis from 0-100
xlabel('Time (t) [min]'); %X-axis label
ylabel('Temperature difference (T) [°C]'); %Y-axis label
title('Summary Plot'); %Title of graph
grid on %Turns grid on

Accepted Answer

Jon on 11 Nov 2020
Edited: Jon on 11 Nov 2020
In your code above x and y are the same they are both assigned to Data(d,:) do you mean to have?
x = Data(d,:);
y = Data(d+1,:);
Also if you want to accumulate curves on your plot for each pair you will need to add
hold on
Somewhere in your loop, otherwise you will only see the last curve
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Sean St Cyr
Sean St Cyr on 11 Nov 2020
Thats what i was looking for, thank you so much, haha such a miniscule error

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