Square root of the summation(RMS)

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Dinuka Ravimal
Dinuka Ravimal on 17 Nov 2020
Commented: Dinuka Ravimal on 19 Nov 2020
I want to get the results base on the square root of the summation of (square of (height * width).
Example data set ; Height = 40 Width = 0.5
Could you please give me a code for this problem?
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Rik on 17 Nov 2020
This is not the conventional meaning of RMS, which is the square Root of the Mean of the Squares. Also, this is a pretty basic calculation, what have you tried already? Since your example data has only scalar values, it seems strange to ask for a sum. What is the sum of a single value?

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Accepted Answer

VBBV on 17 Nov 2020
Edited: VBBV on 19 Nov 2020
height = 40:60;
width= linspace(0.2,0.5,length(height));

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