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Is it possible to install and run MATLAB R2020b on NVIDIA Xavier platform?

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I am using linux system running on NVIDIA Xavier but I am getting error while running MATLAB installer. I suspect that since NVIDIA is based on ARM architecture the MATLAB doesnt supports it due to dependency on Intel's x86 architecture. Is it correct assumption and if there is a way to install and run MATLAB on NVIDIA compute platforms?

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 25 Nov 2020
I think you cannot install Matlab on Nvidia Xavier. However Matlab GPU Coder allows you to connect to the Nvidia devices to prototype your code.
You can find out more details here
Excerpt from documentation
GPU Coder™ generates optimized CUDA® code for deep learning, embedded vision, and autonomous systems. The generated code calls optimized NVIDIA® CUDA libraries and can be used for prototyping on all NVIDIA GPU platforms.
GPU Coder Support Package for NVIDIA GPUs automates the deployment of MATLAB® algorithms on embedded NVIDIA GPUs by building and deploying the generated CUDA code on the target GPU hardware board. It enables you to remotely communicate with the NVIDIA target and control the peripheral devices for prototyping.
GPU Coder supports NVIDIA Jetson TK1, Jetson TX1, Jetson TX2, Jetson AGX Xavier, and DRIVE PX2 Developer kits.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Nov 2020
You are right, at present MATLAB is only supported on Intel platforms.
Next month (December 2020), Mathworks intends to release a version for use with Apple's M1 silicon CPUs, which are ARM based. However, it is not likely at all that version will run on the NVIDIA machines -- it just hints that Mathworks might be open to supporting such Linux machines in future.

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