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differentiation in matlab of two functions

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Murali Krishna AG
Murali Krishna AG on 3 Dec 2020
Commented: Stephan on 4 Dec 2020
a(theta)=exp(2*pi*j*A*[cos(theta);sin(theta)]) where A ,is row vector and p,q,A are known
I need to find the in matlab.Please help me on this

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 3 Dec 2020
a = @(theta) exp(2j*pi*A*[cos(theta);sin(theta)]);
dadtheta = @(theta) 2j*pi*A*[-sin(theta);cos(theta)]*a(theta);

Stephan on 3 Dec 2020
syms a(theta) p q A
eq1 = a(theta)==exp(2*pi*1i*A*[cos(theta);sin(theta)])
eq2 = theta==atan(p/q)+pi
Deq1 = diff(eq1,theta)
sol = subs(rhs(Deq1),theta,rhs(eq2))
Stephan on 4 Dec 2020
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