a simpler way to add a string variable to a table

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alpedhuez on 19 Dec 2020
Commented: alpedhuez on 19 Dec 2020
I have a table T
Date City Visitors
1/1/2020 New York 10
1/2/2020 New York 20
I want to add a variable 'state' that looks like
Date City Visitors State
1/1/2020 New York 10 NY
1/2/2020 New York 20 NY
I did
state(:) = 'NY'
then I create a table and merged. But is there a simpler way?
alpedhuez on 19 Dec 2020
But then you have to substiute a value 'state'?

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Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 19 Dec 2020
The doc is your friend. You should really learn how to use it.
This example shows a simple way to add a new variable to a table: Calculate and Add Result as Table Variable

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