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I recently searched my own Mathworks submissions.  Two of them were no longer availaible and a message indicated in both cases, "This file has been removed from File Exchange. Please search File Exchange to find alternative submissions that may fit your need."  I am wondering why the submissions were removed (licensing issue maybe?).  I wanted to make sure to address any issue if there are any.
Previous links to the files were as follow :


John Kelly
John Kelly on 22 Jan 2021
Hi Charles, I am the Adminstrator of MATLAB Central and I will reach out to you via email to see if we can resolve this issue - John
Charles M. Bélanger Nzakimuena
Thank you so much for all of your feedback (including helping confirm that I likely inadvertently deleted the submissions myself), and your invaluable help with recovering the original submissions.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 21 Jan 2021
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 21 Jan 2021


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Charles M. Bélanger Nzakimuena
Thank you so much for your message! To be honest I personally hadn't given much thought to the licenses (I selected MIT everytime when I created git repositories as it was recommended). It might be relevant to add that the removed submissions were on FEX for half a year and I noticed the removal when I began submitting new files this month (which is why it is also possible I inavertently deleted the submissions myself).
I checked and there are no such emails as you described in my spam folder.
Based on your message I reviewed the FAQ page ( All of my submitted files are linked to GitHub and according to the FAQ, "You can use other licenses if your File Exchange submission is linked to GitHub". I assume then that if my files were removed intentionaly the licenses I specifically selected would not be the issue.
In the case of the submissions that were removed (casForest and PythagoreanForest), they do leverage original and modified versions of other submissions which were availaible on FEX (e.g. Pythagoras tree, generic random forest, etc.). However, this is also true of other files which I submitted and which were not removed. I thought perhaps I missed a requirement when leveraging other licensed work and a modification was needed.
Thank you again for your feedback, much appreciated.
Jamie Mullin
Jamie Mullin on 22 Jan 2021
There was an issue that temporarily unpublished a few submissions. Everything has been restored.
Charles M. Bélanger Nzakimuena
Sounds good, thank you very much for the additional information and for resolving the issue.

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