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How to put elements from a for loop into an array

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I have the following for loop that gives values for an output 'COLm' based on inout P which ranges from 0 to Q (where Q is equal to 9 currently). I need the values of COLm to be stored in a 1xQ array for use in another section. How is it possible to store such answers in this way?
for P = 0:Q %state values
format long
SubPlotxP = Txx + (P*(Rx1x-Txx)/10);
SubPlotyP = Txy +(P*(Rx1y-Txy)/10);
DIVx = SubPlotxP;
DIVy = SubPlotyP;
SubPlotxPRound = round(DIVx);
SubPlotyPRound = round(DIVy);
format long
Elev1xP = ((SubPlotxP)- 207000);
Elev1yP = 913000-SubPlotyP;
Elev1xPRound = round(Elev1xP);
Elev1yPRound = round(Elev1yP);
COL = imag(Elev1xPRound,Elev1yPRound,:);
COLm = COL/100;

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Feb 2021
COLm(:,P+1) = COL/100;
However: You said that you want a 1xQ array, but you are executing the loop body Q+1 times. Which P value should not have its result recorded?
Oscar Zampi
Oscar Zampi on 7 Feb 2021
Thats done the trick.
Thank you so much for your help, it was very useful.

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