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Simulink support for Raspberry Pi problem while simulating model

Asked by Hugo
on 5 Jun 2013
I am working on a project for my university involving signal processing regarding data transmission over QPSK modulation and using frequency hopping scheme. I have one simulink model, an encoder, that is responsible to produce a output sound signal. The recetly support of Matlab for raspberry pi, that I found some days ago, is very usefull for me because it says that can run a standalone model.
On Matlab2013a the model run normally and produce the sound that I want for the time that I want. I did not have problems about raspberry pi firmware installation or other initially procedures.
However when I try to run the model on raspberry (where output is the ALSA playback audio), it only sounds similar like on my PC for a limited amount of time, for example 30 seconds. After that it outputs a noisy sound :\.
It also can be seen with a simple model involving a sine wave generator and the ALSA playback audio block (using a concatenate block to obtain a Nx2 matrix) Throught 3.5mm audio jack, after some time of simulation, the sound goes noisy.
Can anyone confirm this situation or help me understand why?
PS: I put the simulation time to 'inf'.


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