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Dealing with very small or very large numbers

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I have a physical problem with length scales on the order of nanometers. After some calculations, I have to calculate things like exp(-1e15) which is 0 according to MATLAB, but in reality it is nonzero. For context exp(-700) is already 9.8e-305 which is close to the smallest number in MATLAB 2.2251e-308. Is there a known workaround for things like his?

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 10 Apr 2021
I guess the obvious suggestion is to work in units of nanometers or maybe picometers instead of meters. Can you do that?
Anthony Gurunian
Anthony Gurunian on 10 Apr 2021
Never mind, the quantity x is untiless in my case so it doesn't matter.

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