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How to sort rows in a matrix of strings according to a specific char?

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Student Israeli
Student Israeli on 25 Apr 2021
Commented: Student Israeli on 28 Apr 2021
For example, I want to sort this matrix:
A = ['1C3489' ; '2E1919' ; '0A8721' ; '8B1821']
according to the letters (the 2nd char in each row), so the result will be:
A_sorted = ['0A8721'; '8B1821'; '1C3489'; '2E1919']
I didn't understand if the function "sort" knows how to do it.

Accepted Answer

Jonas on 25 Apr 2021
easily possible,
A = ['1C3489' ; '2E1919' ; '0A8721' ; '8B1821']; sortrows(A,2)
the chars can dirextly be interpreted as numbers, e.g. char(97) is equal to 'a'

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