Checking a specific element of 4x1 matrix being 1

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Das Siddharth
Das Siddharth on 25 Apr 2021
Commented: Das Siddharth on 26 Apr 2021
I am trying this very simple code in which I want to check a particular element of this 4x1 matrix whether it is 1 or not. For some reason the entire code is skipped and not even showing anything.
for i=1:4
if probFinal(i,1) == 1
Some values of probFinal are [1.00000000000000 ; 0 ; 5.00468046766525e-34 ;0] && [0 ; 1.00000000000000 ; 0 ; 5.00468046766525e-34] and all the permutation including these values only.

Accepted Answer

DGM on 25 Apr 2021
Edited: DGM on 25 Apr 2021
More than likely, this is a case of rounding error. Beware strict equality tests with floating point numbers. That 1.000000000 isn't 1. It's approximately 1. You should consider testing against a tolerance:
for i=1:4
if abs(probFinal(i,1)-1)<=tol
% do things
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Das Siddharth
Das Siddharth on 26 Apr 2021
Thank you so much DGM. I didn't realize this could be it. I thought MATLAB would understand anyway, sigh. I thank you again.

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