What does logical AND operator do with label matrices?

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In this code, blobs are small blobs within a greater tissue (tissuemask). It's my understanding that the output of watershed, wsh, is a label matrix that labels over 400 different blobs.
wsh = watershed(~(blobs)); % separate any connected blobs
c = imdilate(blobs) & wsh & tissuemask;
c is another mask that contains all three here - my question is, how is wsh treated as a logical binary mask when it contains values from 1 to over 400? How does the AND operator treat a label matrix? Does it just include any nonzero value?

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Gatech AE
Gatech AE on 8 Jun 2021
The AND operator treats any nonzero value in "wsh" as true, so specific information about the labels is thrown out when creating "c"

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