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Need help to track a couple of points

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Nuno Marques
Nuno Marques on 31 Jul 2021
Commented: sparsh garg on 8 Sep 2021
Hello, its my first time posting here so I apologize if im not doing something properly.
I'm currently doing a project where i need to know a drone's position and attittude in reference to his landing pad using only a camara. The landing pad has 11 led's of different colors. My first step was creating a mask so i could extract the leds. The image below shows the result of the masked points.
The mask is doing a pretty good job of getting rid of noise, but sometimes it doe not identify all 11 points. Now, i know i should use the matching features surf to know where the points went in the next frame, so i can then use the relativeCameraPose function to know the relative pose and attitude in reference to the landing pad. However, i cant get good matches. The image bellow are the matches using surf of 2 consecutive frames, where the red points are the detected leds on one frame and the blue ones on the frame after that.
What am i doing wrong? Is there a better way to get the relative pose?
sparsh garg
sparsh garg on 8 Sep 2021
I would suggest you look at the most basic tracker Kalman filter that uses a constant velocity model.Also look at SORT it handles all the problems that image analyst was talking about.
There are some good correlational filter based trackers on matlab
since you have a set of landing pad points which you need to track,I think the kalman filter with velocity model should work.
Matlab has a tracking pedestrains from a moving car example that uses the approach I mentioned

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