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Hi all I am trying to plot a second order BVP in MATLAB

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Me and my friend are trying to plot the following BVP:
-(L)* ((d^2)y/d(x^2)) - 5*(dy/dx)/x + (a*y)/L + (c/(2*L))*(x^4)*(y^3) = 0
Assume L=6*10^-8, a=44 and c=45 (but all 3 letters can be any constant). y is a function with respect to x. The boundary conditions are y(0)=0 and y(1)=C. Where C is some constant.
Me and my friend have tried ODE45 and bvp4c but doesn't work because of (c/(2*L))*(x^4)*(y^3) and 5*(dy/dx)/x, which gives us the jacobien error.
The following below is the code we tried to use for bvp4c, we used 2 functions and one sript at the end:
Function 1:
function yprime = secondode2(x,y)
%SECONDODE: Computes the derivatives of y 1 and y 2,
%as a colum vector
a=44; %Temperature dependent bulk constant
c=45; %
L=6*10^-8; %Elastic constant in the one constant approximation (splay=twist=bend)
yprime = [y(2); c/(2*L)*x^4*y(1)^3 + a*y(1)/L - 5*y(2)/x];
Function 2, for boundary conditions:
function res = boundary_conditions1(ya,yb)
res = [ya(2)
yb(1) - 1/2];
Here is our sript:
guess = [1/2; 0];
xmesh = linspace(0,1,5);
solinit = bvpinit(xmesh, guess);
S = [0 0; 0 5];
options = bvpset('SingularTerm',S);
sol = bvp4c(@secondode2, @boundary_conditions1, solinit,options);
hold on
title('S(r) ODE')
ylabel('solution y');
Error using bvp4c (line 248)
Unable to solve the collocation equations -- a singular Jacobian encountered.
Error in bvp_four_c (line 7)
sol = bvp4c(@secondode2, @boundary_conditions1, solinit,options);
Would you please be able to help us in this problem, because we have tried nearly everything?

Answers (1)

darova on 11 Aug 2021
Here is the problem
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes on 12 Aug 2021
Hi I am very sorry.
I have tried changing the the linespace from:
xmesh = linspace(0,1,5);
xmesh = linspace(0,1,1000);
The same errors occur.
I don't understand why linespace is a problem or why - 5*(dy/dx)/x is a problem. Could explain why MATLAB in stuggling please in more detail?
darova on 12 Aug 2021
The problem is not linespace but starting point . Starting point can't be zero because there is division by x

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