Problem 1907. Capture the flag(s)

Solution 327224

Submitted on 1 Oct 2013
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
%% % test cases randn('seed',0); rand('seed',0); N=randi([1000 4000],50,1); S=randi([1,50],50,1); Boards=arrayfun(@(s)convn(randn(100),ones(s)/s^2,'same'),S,'uni',0); FLAGSLEFT=0; DOPLOT=false; tic; for board=1:50 B=Boards{board}; sB=sort(B(:)); B=double(B>sB(round(numel(sB)*.9))); n=N(board); path=capture_the_flag(B,n); assert(size(path,1)<=n,'too many steps'); assert(all(sum(abs(diff([1,1;path])),2)<=1),'no jumping allowed'); if DOPLOT imagesc(B); hold on; plot(path(:,2),path(:,1),'y-'); hold off; axis equal; axis off; set(gcf,'color',0*[1 1 1]); colormap(.5*gray); drawnow; end B(1)=0; B((path-1)*[1;size(B,1)]+1)=0; fprintf('test %d; left %d flags\n',board,nnz(B)); FLAGSLEFT=FLAGSLEFT+nnz(B); end toc; assignin('caller','score',10000); assert(FLAGSLEFT<=10000,sprintf('Left %d flags',FLAGSLEFT)); assignin('caller','score',FLAGSLEFT);

Error: Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

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