Problem 152. Create a cell array out of a struct

Solution 1935328

Submitted on 14 Sep 2019 by Nguyen Dinh Cuong
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
S.foobar = 1.23; S_correct = {'foobar', 1.23}; assert(isequal(struct2namedCell(S), S_correct))

2   Pass = 'hello'; = 3.14; S2_correct = {'foo', 'hello'; 'bar', 3.14}; assert(isequal(struct2namedCell(S2), S2_correct))

3   Pass
S3.A = {1,2,3}; S3_correct = {'A', {1,2,3}}; assert(isequal(struct2namedCell(S3), S3_correct))

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