Solution 2216822

Submitted on 17 Apr 2020
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
x=2; y=64; % power zstr=java_math(x,y,3); assert(strcmp(zstr,'18446744073709551616'),sprintf('zstr=%s\n',zstr))


2   Fail
xstr='18446744073709551615'; y=3; %Add zstr=java_math(xstr,y,1); assert(strcmp(zstr,'18446744073709551618'),sprintf('zstr=%s\n',zstr))


3   Fail
x=2^53; % largest eps==1 double y=2^11; %Multiply zstr=java_math(x,y,2); assert(strcmp(zstr,'18446744073709551616'),sprintf('zstr=%s\n',zstr))


4   Fail
x=2^53; % largest valid double y=2^12; % Multiply zstr=java_math(x,y,2); assert(strcmp(zstr,'36893488147419103232'),sprintf('zstr=%s\n',zstr))


5   Fail
x=randi(10); y=randi(100); zstr=java_math(x,y,1); assert(strcmp(zstr,num2str(x+y)),sprintf('x=%2i y=%3i x+y=%5i zstr=%s\n',x,y,x+y,zstr))

x= 9 y= 82 x+y= 91 zstr=[

6   Fail
x=randi(10); y=randi(100); zstr=java_math(x,y,2); assert(strcmp(zstr,num2str(x*y)),sprintf('x=%2i y=%3i x*y=%5i zstr=%s\n',x,y,x*y,zstr))

x= 2 y= 10 x*y= 20 zstr=

7   Fail
x=randi(20); y=randi(5); zstr=java_math(x,y,3); assert(strcmp(zstr,num2str(x^y)),sprintf('x=%2i y=%3i x^y=%8i zstr=%s\n',x,y,x^y,zstr))

x= 5 y= 2 x^y= 25 zstr=