Problem 3092. Return fibonacci sequence do not use loop and condition

Solution 3252363

Submitted on 17 Oct 2020
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
% Clean user's function from some known jailbreaking mechanisms functions={'!','feval','eval','str2func','str2num','regex','system','dos','unix','perl','assert','fopen','write','save','setenv','path','please','for','if','while','switch','round','roundn','fix','ceil','char','floor'}; assessFunctionAbsence(functions, 'FileName', 'fib.m');

The submission must not contain the following functions or keywords: floor

2   Pass
n = 1; f = 1; assert(isequal(fib(n),f))

3   Pass
n = 6; f = 8; assert(isequal(fib(n),f))

4   Pass
n = 10; f = 55; assert(isequal(fib(n),f))

5   Pass
n = 20; f = 6765; assert(isequal(fib(n),f))

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