Problem 886. Rubik's Cube: Solve Randomized Cube - Score : Moves

Solution 2152038

Submitted on 6 Mar 2020
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
% Load function rubik_rot.m tic %urlwrite('','rubik_rot.m') ; urlwrite('','rubik_rot.m') ; rehash path toc

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2   Pass

3   Fail
Pass=1; r_fail=0; % Execute 200 cubes and verify completeness and count moves r(1:9)=0; %Left 0 R r(10:18)=1; %Up 1 W r(19:27)=2; %Front 2 B r(28:36)=3; %Down 3 Y r(37:45)=4; %Back 4 G r(46:54)=5; %Right 5 O rnorm=r; zcnt=0; sum_solve=0; min_solve=1000; max_solve=0; asolve=199; mix=40; while zcnt<200 zcnt=zcnt+1; r=rnorm; % Initial mix mov=randi(18,[mix,1]); for i=1:length(mov) % Ignoring Move Undos since mix=40 r=rubik_rot(mov(i),r); end r_reset=r; % Used in assert solve_vec=rubik_solve(r); for i=1:length(solve_vec) r=rubik_rot(solve_vec(i),r); end if all(r(1:9)==r(5)) && all(r(10:18)==r(14)) && all(r(19:27)==r(23)) && ... all(r(28:36)==r(32)) && all(r(37:45)==r(41)) && all(r(46:54)==r(50)) solve_vec(solve_vec>18)=[]; lsolve=length(solve_vec); sum_solve=sum_solve+lsolve; min_solve=min(min_solve,lsolve); max_solve=max(max_solve,lsolve); asolve=floor(sum_solve/zcnt); % fprintf('Cube Solved Moves=%i Avg Moves=%i min=%i max=%i\n',lsolve,asolve,min_solve,max_solve) else % Deug info Pass=0; r_fail=r_reset; % fprintf('\n\nCube NOT Solved???\n\n') % fprintf('%i ',r); % Current ending data % fprintf('\n') % fprintf('%i ',r_reset); % Starting Cube end end % while of cubes toc assert(isequal(Pass,1),sprintf('%i ',r_fail)); % Output Non-Solved Cube Start if Pass feval(@assignin,'caller','score',min(200,floor(asolve))); end fprintf('Moves: Avg %i Min %i Max %i\n',asolve,min_solve,max_solve)

Undefined function 'rubik_rot' for input arguments of type 'double'. Error in Test3 (line 25) r=rubik_rot(mov(i),r);