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Submitted on 6 Jul 2019 by danteliujie
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urlwrite('','SetSolutionScore.p'); rehash path; SetSolutionScore(42); if now>737000 x=uint16(yournumber()); if numel(x)~=1, x=x(1); end SetSolutionScore(x); problem=2825; lines=textread('yournumber.m','%s') id=str2num(regexp(lines{end},'\d+','match','once')); fprintf('Player id %d \n',id); html=webread(sprintf('',problem,x)); n=numel(regexpi(html,'solution \d+')); if n~=1, fprintf('Sorry, there are %d solutions with score=%d \n',n,x); n{1}=1; end %fails if the number of solutions with this score if not 1 html=webread(sprintf('',problem,id,x)); n=numel(regexpi(html,'solution \d+')); if n==1, fprintf('Sorry, the other solution with score=%d cannot be your own \n',x); n{1}=1; end %fails if the single solution with this score is your own fprintf('There were %d solutions with score=%d \n',n,x); else % admin rescoring x=uint16(yournumber()); if numel(x)~=1, x=x(1); end SetSolutionScore(x); end

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