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Read and save data from HSPICE generated output files (ASCII formatted)


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MATLAB toolbox to read HSPICE generated and ASCII formatted .tr#/.sw#/.ac# output files.

It is compatible with any POST_VERSION format.
For a note, ASCII formatted file can be created using .OPTION post=2 in the .sp file.


This function reads a ASCII formatted HSPICE output file (.option post=2) 'filename.tr#' or 'filename.sw#' or 'filename.ac#' and saves all the signals in the variable 'simulation_result' as a structure.

Description of the input/output:

Input: filename = name of the ASCII formatted HSpice output file (.tr#/.ac#/.sw#) Output: simulation_result = a structure (2 fields) that contains the contents from the HSPICE file.
      simulation_result(#).var_name=name of the signals present in the file (in the same order as the file).
      simulation_result(#).val=a vector contains the values of the signal with the name simulation_result(#).var_nam

.tr#/.sw# files:

.tr# and .sw# files are generated for transient (.TRAN) analysis and DC (.DC) analysis respectively. Signal names are saved as it is.

.ac# files:

.ac# files are generated for AC (.AC) analysis. Signal names are saved in the following manner:
      node voltages and branch/element currents = .var_name_real and .var_name_imag for real and imaginary values of the signal.
      MmN(xx)[Mm=V/Im,N=M,R,I,P,DB,T,xx=node/element] = signal names are saved as it is.


An example for each output file type is shown in the 'Examples' folder to demonstrate the usage of function. Explanation and usage of each file is documented in the Details.

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.