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Vehicle Traffic Patterns at an Intersection (SimEvents)

version (68.7 KB) by Devdatt Lad
Study vehicle traffic patterns at a street intersections to figure out best approach using SimEvents


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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There are two models in this submission.
1. trafficpatterns - a simple model of vehicular traffic on four roads all leading to an intersection controlled by a traffic light. It turns green for each of the four paths with specified durations. Tweak the traffic light durations to study how much traffic builds up on the different paths.

2. trafficpatterns_rotary - The same intersection traffic light has now been replaced by a rotary (traffic circle). The four roads now merge onto the rotary and don't have to wait for the traffic light. There are constraints on the rotary that specify how much time it takes to cross it. Compare the results to the previous model.

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Abrar Alali

I have installed the model but I cannot run it properly. It shows me that there is a missing library. Here is the error message:
"Failed to load library 'simeventssink1' referenced by 'trafficpatterns/Destination'"

Can you help me fix this?

Gan DingZhe

I am doing a project on traffic control through reinforcement learning , is this suitable for my project ?

Teresa Paul

I am new to Matlab so I know there are limits to my ability but I'm not sure if there is an issue with my version or whatever, but the codes did not seem to work for me. Any pointers? It says the information was moved or replaced. Thanks.

vehicle detection code in image processing Matlab


what is mean time between arrival of two cars ??
and why 20 sec for west and 2 sec for east ??

How we develop this for a fuzzy-traffic controller.




I wonder how to modify the intersection so that I can detect which car has turned to which road (I want to use Vehicle Detection Zone on each of the 4 roads meeting at the intersection). Please help

Thank you for your sharing!

Matt Jardin

Nice demo. One minor note -- the scopes for Temple St. South and Temple St. North are reversed in the rotary model.

Su Yeek

The MatlabR2007a can run this program?



D Ling

It seems that the Matlab program SimE is very useful. Unfortunately, my Matlab version
is 7.1. I wonder if the author can let the program be run in version 7.1.


Updated license

Added missing mask icon image.

Added the traffic signal JPEG so that the downloaded model displays the mask image correctly.

Updated summary

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2007a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux