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Agilent InfiniiVision 5000 6000 and 7000 Series Oscilloscopes – Driver

version (18.2 KB) by Alexander Dickson
MATLAB driver for Agilent oscilloscopes including DSO7032A, MSO7104A, DSO5012A, MSO7032A, MSO6104A


Updated 28 Oct 2008

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MATLAB is a software environment and programming language used to control instruments, make measurements, analyze data, and build test systems.

MATLAB supports Agilent InfiniiVision oscilloscopes through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This MATLAB driver was developed by Agilent Technologies and supports the Agilent InfiniiVision 5000, 6000, and 7000 series oscilloscopes. It is for use with Instrument Control Toolbox v2.7 and higher.

Specific Agilent InfiniiVision models in this family include the MSO7104A, DSO7104A, MSO7102A, DSO7102A, MSO7054A, DSO7054A, MSO7052A, DSO7052A, MSO7034A, DSO7034A, MSO7032A, DSO7032A, MSO6104A, DSO6104A, MSO6102A, DSO6102A, MSO6054A, DSO6054A, MSO6052A, DSO6052A, MSO6034A, DSO6034A, MSO6032A, DSO6032A, MSO6014A, DSO6014A, MSO6012A, DSO6012A, DSO5054A, DSO5052A, DSO5034A, DSO5032A, DSO5014A, and DSO5012A.

This driver is a MATLAB IVI instrument driver that first requires Version of the Agilent IVI instrument driver to be installed. The Agilent IVI driver is available for immediate download from Agilent at:

Information on using MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox for instrument communication is available at:

For additional information on using MATLAB with Agilent instruments, including MATLAB examples, demos, drivers, and videos, visit:

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